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Trails & Park

Walkable community

Harvest was planned as a walkable community. A place where tree lined streets and miles of trails are accessible from short residential blocks that all have access to greenways and parks. Walking within Harvest will encourage connection among neighbors and promote a healthier lifestyle for all residents. The play parks are conveniently located and encourage creative play and exercise for families.

Fun Fields

Children grow and learn and develop healthy exercise habits through both creative play and sports.  Harvest Fun Fields are open spaces that are designated for neighborhood use as soccer and baseball fields, to encourage children, adults and families to gather for spontaneous play.

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Community Gallery

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Footer Gallery

Footer Gallery

  • Resort Pool
  • Resort Pool
  • Harvest Pool Cabana
  • Harvest Amenity Center
  • Harvest Event Center
  • Harvest Event Center
  • Tassione Farms
  • Tassione Farms
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