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Harvest Cares is a team of residents who are passionate about serving others...they are the heartbeat of the community and seek out ways to show other homeowners they CARE. From welcoming new homeowners, providing meals when someone is ill, to writing encouraging notes and helping with daily tasks, Harvest Cares is here for you!


Harvest is proud to sponsor the North Texas Food Bank.  By providing both food and financial support to the NTFB, Harvest continues a long standing tradition of feeding the hungry that was begun by Lulu May Perot, Ross Perot, Jr.’s Grandmother.

In 2016, Harvest hosted the Run Now, Gobble Later Turkey Trot and raised over $500 in donations for the NTFB. By providing the donation on #givingTuesday, the donation was matched and equates to over 3,000 meals. Additionally, homeowner’s and the Farm donate excess crops to the NTFB throughout the year.


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