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History of the Farm House

Through Sue Faught Rowe and Mary Faught Shannon, we now know how their great-grandfather, John Wesley Faught, came to Texas and settled in Denton County, becoming one of the real leaders and respected citizens in the area.

Born in Tennessee in 1854, John W. Faught married Etta Jarrell on his twenty-first birthday and two years later they traveled to Fort Worth by train and on to Argyle by wagon.  Mr. Faught paid cash for his first land purchase at $6.00 an acre.  With the remaining $.35 in his pocket, he became a farmer and a grain and cattle raiser.  Through his success, he invested in more land, expanding his farm to 275 acres. 

Around the turn of the twentieth century, John Wesley built The Faught House with cured wood that he had transported from Jefferson, Texas and which he inspected himself before he would allow any board to be nailed up.    That careful scrutiny paid off because the house still has “good bones” according to the architect who gave Hillwood the green light to renovate the house in 2012.

The youngest child of John and Etta, Edward Miller Faught, became the active manager of the homestead.  Edward and his son John bought the property from Edward’s siblings, becoming sole owners of the farm.  John is the father of Sue and Mary, who lovingly provided us with the fascinating history of their family.

Many brides have descended the house’s beautifully-carved staircase, many children have jumped on beds and played make-believe out in the yard.  Our goal is to continue those wonderful traditions in Harvest.  Many thanks to the Faught Family.

L to R: Ross Perot, Jr., Sue Faught Rowe, Ross Perot, Sr., Mary Faught Shannon
The Faught House today.

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