Live SmartSM

Nurturing the quality of life

Harvest is much more than an elegant collection of smart homes with bundled services and shared access to pools and parks. As a holistically designed Live Smart℠ community, by Hillwood Communities, every aspect of Harvest is specifically designed to address five key principles that nurture community values while delivering personal value — connection, well-being, enrichment, stewardship, and convenience.

Live Smart in Action

In a Live Smart community like Harvest, there’s no shortage of aha! moments that bring the principles of connection, well-being, enrichment, stewardship, and convenience into focus. Here are just a few of the fun facts that make Harvest such an engaging place to live and grow.

  • All of our landscaping is specially selected to be Stage 3 drought tolerant. Reduced watering saves residents time and money while conserving this precious resource.
    Live Smart Benefits: Stewardship, Convenience
  • Our “black gumbo” soil is rich in nutrients, but also presents some gardening challenges. Farmer Ross and Dr. Moon are happy to show you how to amend and improve the soil.
    Live Smart Benefits: Connection, Enrichment
  • Intentionally designed as a walkable community, Harvest has 16.8 miles of trails that lead to everyday amenities and community gatherings.
    Live Smart Benefits: Connection, Well-Being, Convenience
  • With 2,000 large-caliper trees planted along sidewalks, paths, and throughout Harvest parks, residents have it made in the shade.
    Live Smart Benefits: Well-Being, Stewardship
  • Harvest is the first community in Texas with smart automation in every home.
    Live Smart Benefits: Convenience

* Residents enjoying The Barn at the Harvest Fall Festival.

* A workout class warming up with a lakefront view

* Harvest teenagers tending to the leafy greens in the greenhouse

* Tomatoes ripening on the vines outside the Faught Farm House. Much of the produce grown at Harvest goes to the North Texas Food Bank.

Homeowner using HomeProTM app to adjust the temperature