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Is Your Garden Fall Ready?

Posted on 8/1/2017 by in Harvest Farms Community Garden

Fall is right around the corner! There are things you can do now to get your soil ready for fall planting.

By Farmer Ross

Summer is in full sun here at harvest. The plants are certainly feeling it. As many of you know, plants exposed to the full sun are now drying up. It is time to remove the plants that are no longer lush and fully growing. You may compost them in the community compost if they are NOT woody. Woody plants would be things like corn and okra or a big tomato plant. These items just take too long to decompose for our style composting. 

Next, I recommend adding probiotics to your soil. You can do this with compost, worm castings, or liquid probiotics. All can be found at the local hardware store or nursery. This will get the soil nice and lively for fall planting. Then, cover with several inches of mulch, such as grass clippings or leaves. This will help retain the moisture and encourage the micro organisms to do their thing, as well as provide ongoing broken down organic material. 

Staring thinking about what to plant this fall! Stay tuned for my fall planting recommendations.

Happy growing