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Newly Planted Trees

Posted on 6/4/2018 by SuperUser Account

Newly planted trees all need special care to encourage health and vigor.

Newly Planted Trees:

  •  Fertilize to encourage root growth that in turn creates healthy branch and leaf growth.  Even though you are fertilizing your lawn, fertilize the newly planted trees for the first 3 years and even longer if trees are not growing vigorously.  Fertilize these trees 3 times per year with BioSol Fertilizer 7-2-1. Apply this fertilizer to new trees 3 times a year in February, May and August.  Apply ½ pound of the fertilizer per inch trunk diameter. To determine diameter, measure your tree 6 inches above soil surface.  Spread the fertilizer evenly from the trunk of the tree out 2 feet past the drip line of the tree.
  • Newly planted trees that have been planted for a length of time have guy wires around the trunks that are cutting into the bark of the tree. This can damage the trees so check any staked trees in your yard.  If you find the wires cutting into the bark, remove the wires before further damage occurs.  If guy wires are not causing a problem at this time, be aware and monitor often.  Newly planted trees grow quickly so these wires can become a problem quicker than you might think!
  • Remove dead wood from newly planted trees.  By keeping dead wood removed, you can better monitor the health of the tree by observing for more dead wood. 
  • Water newly planted trees as needed but do not over water.  Water 1 time every 10 days in winter, 1 time every 7 days in fall and spring and 2 times every 7 days during the summer. 

Take special care of your trees.  They are important to the beauty of your landscape.  If you take care of your trees, they will pay you back with beauty and a shady retreat during the summer.