Our Story

A groundbreaking community raised on tradition

Harvest is a charming fusion of hometown nostalgia and future-focused planning, where scenes of children on bicycles and neighborhood get-togethers mesh seamlessly with sustainable gardening practices and state-of-the-art home technologies. Most of all, it offers the authentic attraction of country living within the convenient framework of a modern, walkable environment.

Farming and Gardening Are The Heart of Harvest

Located in Argyle and Northlake in Denton County, this 1,200-acre community of 3,900 single-family homes revolves around the proud farming heritage of the landowners who came before us. At the heart of our community is a working commercial farm, operated by a professional farmer who shares his expertise with homeowners, Harvest Littles, and their parents. And with private garden plots and community demonstration gardens to help “brown thumbs” go green, Harvest neighbors have countless opportunities to roll up their sleeves and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while meeting new friends, learning new things, and growing fresh produce.

One Family’s Farming Legacy

In 1877, Tennessee native John Wesley Faught and his wife, Etta, arrived in Fort Worth by train and traveled the remaining miles to Denton County by wagon to put down roots and live off the land. Using nearly every cent they had, the Faughts paid cash for their first land purchase at a rate of $6 an acre. With the pocket change that remained, the Faughts began their life together as a farming family — raising crops, and ultimately, five generations of North Texans.

Around the turn of the 20th century, John Wesley built the two-story farmhouse that still stands as a tribute to the grit and passion of a family that worked the land for more than a century. Today, the Faught House serves as a coffee shop for friends and neighbors to gather. We are grateful and humbled to carry on the Faught legacy of farming and family.