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Seven Tough Plants to Grow in North Texas

Posted on 5/15/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in garden Gardening Community Garden Harvest Gardens

Gardening is one of the most beneficial recreational activities you can participate in, especially if you have access to a community garden program. It's relaxing, promotes physical activity, and gets you outside—an especially significant health benefit. However, we Texas gardeners quickly learn that growing plants in north Texas can be a challenge.

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8 Ways Gardening Can Improve Your Health

Posted on 4/30/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in garden Gardening Community Garden

Gardening is a rewarding pursuit enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Seeing the results of your efforts sprouting from the ground can be so satisfying. What’s more, thriving plants can brighten up your space and add value and curb appeal to your home. You may not realize it, but there’s a lot more to gardening than pretty flowers and fresh vegetables.

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Benefits of Community Gardens

Posted on 4/15/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in Gardening Community Garden Harvest Gardens agrihood

A community garden is a plot of land managed by members of the community who want to grow their own produce. The benefits of community gardens are plentiful. You may be surprised to learn all the ways you and your neighborhood can benefit from community gardening.

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What Is An Agrihood?

Posted on 3/29/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in Harvest Farms farming agrihood farm-to-table

Have you ever wished that you could get farm-fresh vegetables for your family’s meals without making a special trip to the farmer’s market or paying high prices at upscale natural grocery stores?

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Guide and Tips on How to Compost at Home

Posted on 3/16/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in Harvest Farms Gardening Harvest Gardens farming Community Garden agrihood farm-to-table

If you’re not knowledgeable about the practice of composting, dive into our composting 101 to learn some composting basics, helpful tips, and what's compostable.

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The Heart of a Community by Page Austin

Posted on 3/4/2021 by Globe Runner Team in community

Our lifestyle manager, Page Austin, shares the powerful stories of how our Harvest community came together to support one another during February's snowstorm.

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Family Home Garden Ideas & Tips

Posted on 2/25/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in Gardening Community Garden Harvest Gardens

Creating a family garden can be a great experience that all family members can enjoy.

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Home Gardening Industry Statistics

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in Gardening Community Garden Harvest Gardens

Learn why home gardening has gain popularity in recent months, and why it isn't likely to slow down anytime soon.

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Moving to Argyle - Argyle City Guide

Posted on 1/29/2021 by Taryn Dandurand in new homes master planned communities argyle

Are you considering a move to Argyle, TX? You’ve made a great choice, and welcome to your new home! We know you’re going to love it here.

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New North Amenities Coming Soon

Posted on 1/15/2021 by Diana Carroll in dog park pool fitness workout

The expansion of Central Park in Harvest is underway. The new north amenity complex is well underway and will be delivering new outdoor activities for our families.

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