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Benefits of Master Planned Communities

Posted on 3/31/2020 by Diana Carroll in garden master planned communities parks amenities farming

When you move into a master planned community, you’re gaining more than just wonderful neighbors. Master planned communities, in a way, provide much of what the city offers, but with even more mixed in.

Choosing where you’re going to settle down, whether it’s to start a new family or downsize after your children have started families of their own, is a big deal. You want to consider what unique experiences, conveniences, and amenities a location can offer you. Out of many real estate options, it seems like master planned communities often provide more benefits than others.  

Let’s get into the weeds of master planned communities and why they’re ultimately one of the best choices for potential homeowners.

What Makes Master Planned Neighborhoods Stand Out

A master planned community isn’t just a neighborhood, it goes far beyond that. Most of the time, neighborhoods are built first and then other needs (schools, parks, stores, are added) built up around them as an afterthought. However, master planned neighborhoods are different—they’re created to have these two sides of the community developed in harmony. 

These communities hold the unique quality of being planned. Instead of businesses popping up at random, often in an inconvenient spot, the businesses and amenities have a natural flow to them. Unlike other neighborhoods, you don’t have to worry about the surrounding area changing much since it’s all planned before they even begin construction. As you’ll read below, this forethought in development makes life in a master planned community a whole lot smoother. 

Amazing Amenities & Community Features

When you move into a master planned community, you’re gaining more than just wonderful neighbors. Master planned communities, in a way, provide much of what the city offers, but with even more mixed in. Many of these communities are built around one central feature, such as a golf course or lake. 

Harvest by Hillwood has several focal points and amenities in the community. A few highlights include:

  • Community Harvest Farm. We encourage our residents to try out their green thumb and grow their own produce in the community garden. You can grow as little or as much as you’d like. From fresh herbs to kale to watermelons – it’s up to you!
  • Resort-Style Pools. Across our community, we have a total of 3 resort-style pools to cool off in. We wanted to make sure our residents had enough room to relax without overcrowding being an issue—which if you’ve ever been to a community pool, you know this is a common issue.
  • Harvest Lake. Our 11-acre man-made lake supports water conservation and is open for catch-and-release fishing, including crappie, bass, and catfish. We’ve carved out nearly a mile of walking trails around the lake, the perfect opportunity for an afternoon stroll. 
  • Parks & Paths. Built with walkability in mind, Harvest has walking paths built all throughout the community. Whether you’re looking for a short, beautiful walk or a lengthy run, we’ve created a fully accessible space for our residents.
  • Several Special Event Spaces. Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries—we wanted to make sure our homeowners had plenty of options when it came to a good ol’ celebration. We have many charming indoor and outdoor locations all over the community that can be reserved for Uncle Larry’s 50th surprise party.  

Feeling Secure in a Planned Neighborhood

Master planned communities are typically farther from commercial and industrial areas, meaning there’s less through-traffic. In addition less traffic, some master planned communities are gated, others offer security patrols, and many include technology and security systems. Ask your homebuilder what security features they offer in their homes and ask your homeowners association about other safety features may be in place.. 

Customization for Your Tastes

When people think of planned neighborhoods, they often think of cookie-cutter houses lined up next to one another—a classic picture of boring suburbia. However, in most master planned communities, that’s very rarely the case. 

Specifically at Harvest, our homes vary in color, size, roofing, landscaping—countless customizable details to make your house feel like your unique home in the community. Even our homes, which are already built and vacant, tend to vary widely. 

We do this because we know people don’t all have the same taste. We’re all different and we want to support that individuality in our neighborhoods.

Close to the Action, But Removed from the Noise

We didn’t throw a dart at a map of Texas and randomly choose where to locate Harvest, it was intentional. Homeowners have easy access to renowned schools, leading employers, multiple health centers, and tons of dining and entertainment options because we very carefully chose a central location

Eventually, Harvest will have 120 acres of shopping, dining, and more right within the community. There are two on-site elementary schools that serve not just Harvest, but the surrounding acclaimed Argyle and Northwest ISDs. Our planned neighborhood was built to be an accessible, enriching, and convenient place—and will only continue to improve with time.

Come See the Benefits for Yourself

The benefits of master planned communities are too much to list in one single article. From our lavish parks to our bountiful gardens to our excellent common areas, Harvest has something for everyone. 

To fully understand the strong sense of home and community that Harvest brings, you really have to experience it for yourself. You can schedule a personal tour to get a view of our entire neighborhood or get in contact with our realtors to see how you could fit into the Harvest family.