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What is a Flex Room in a House?

Posted on 12/2/2020 by Taryn Dandurand in new homes flex room argyle master planned communities

Imagine your dream home. What does it include? A home office, guest bedroom, or maybe even a home gym? This is where having a flex room comes in handy for growing families and first-time homebuyers ready to find the home of their dreams—the possibilities are endless.

Homes with flexible floor plans create a lot of opportunity for customizing the space, but sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to transform the flex room into. Luckily, the real estate experts at Harvest know a thing or two about crafting a perfect home fit for the needs of your lifestyle.

Check out these unique bonus room ideas to get inspiration for the flex room in your house!

What is a Flex Room?

A flex room in a house, sometimes also called a “bonus room” or “multipurpose room”, is exactly what it sounds like. No guessing games here. A flex room is a space that can be used for pretty much anything you want.

The beauty of a flex room in a house is its ability to be whatever you need it to be and evolve with your needs. Turn a flex room into a guest room for family visits or transform it into a nursery as you grow your family.

A flex room gives you the opportunity to create the space you’ve always dreamed of without purchasing a larger home than you’re ready to buy.

4 Flex Room Ideas

1. Home Office

If there’s one thing 2020 has proven, it’s that not enough homeowners have home office spaces. With work-from-home trends on the rise, turning a flex room in a house into an office can make all the difference.

Try incorporating these features into your home office to make the most of out your flex room space:

  • Windows for natural light, or lamps/fixtures that mimic natural light
  • Spacious desk
  • Comfortable desk chair
  • Cozy lounge chair (for quick breaks!)
  • Neutral, calming paint colors
  • Tall bookshelf
  • Mini fridge
  • Coffee maker

2. Yoga/Meditation Room

For small flex room ideas to center the mind, an intimate yoga/meditation room can do the trick. Think of this space as a place to regroup and calm yourself during times of stress. It should be warm and inviting and best of all, quiet.

Choose a soothing wall color and some window treatments to make the space perfect for relaxation. You can also add candles and indoor plants to create a Zen atmosphere, and a Bluetooth speaker for meditation music. Now all you need is your yoga mat and you’re ready to relax.

3. Craft Room

Isn’t it about time the kids made a mess in their own space, away from your furniture, walls, and floors? Remember, a flex room in a house can be for anything. Messes are allowed here! Let creative juices flow with paint, crafts, instruments and more, without having to worry about interfering with the rest of the household.

Your kids can even begin to explore indoor gardening! Since our Harvest by Hillwood community values farm-to-table dining options and even has its own farm, the kids can use what they learn in the community farm and learn to propagate seeds or learn how to grow a successful Texas garden.

Here are some other idea for a kids’ craft room:

  • Chalk paint wall
  • Wall space to hang projects
  • Foam floor mats
  • Storage bins & shelves

4. Bar/Lounge

If you love to host parties and gatherings for family and friends, why not designate a space just for entertaining? This is a unique bonus room idea in that it is adults-only! Your clean-up time should be minimal too, with all of your guests enjoying their time in one specific area of your home.

Try incorporating these features into the bar/lounge:

  • Full bar
  • Comfortable seating areas with a mix of chairs and couches
  • Speakers
  • TV (for the big game!)
  • Pool table or dartboard
  • Ambient lighting

How do you plan to transform your flex room? Take one of our flex room ideas above, or consider some of these other options:

  • Home Gym
  • Library
  • Homework Room
  • Mudroom
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Sleepover Room
  • Game Room
  • Extra Closet

Whether you’re planning on using the flex room as a space for adults, kids, or the entire family, we hope you make it your own!

At Hillwood, our master-planned communities are built to offer all of the amenities you and your family could ever want and need. Harvest by Hillwood is our community in Argyle, Texas, where you can reap the benefits of beautiful new homes surrounded by bountiful outdoor space. Learn more about what our master-planned communities have to offer here.

Harvest by Hillwood offers homes with flexible floor plans that give you the opportunity to create your flex room space just as you’d want it! What is a flex room if not a place to learn, grow, and enjoy life’s moments?

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