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Harvesting Time!

Posted on 6/14/2017 by in community Harvest Gardens

What a successful season it has been here at Harvest! I really enjoy the shares of residents having fruitful (pun intended) gardens! I've been getting asked a lot of questions about harvesting, so I thought I would share how to tell the ripeness of everyone's favorite summer fruit - Watermelon!

First, trace the stem of the watermelon to the main vine. This stem should be approximately 6 inches. Where this stem and main vine meet, there will be a curly tendril. Like a pig's tail. When this tendril turns brown and withers, it is a sure sign your watermelon is ripe.

Another great indicator is on the watermelon itself. Turn over the melon to view the side that is typically sitting on the ground. If the spot where it was touching the ground is yellow (opposed to white), it is a great indicator your watermelon is ready.

Alright, until next week! Enjoy you summer garden bounty!